How to Arrange Your Bedroom According to Feng Shui


In the quest for a peaceful and harmonious living space, Feng Shui plays a pivotal role, particularly in the arrangement of our bedrooms. “Fengshui Bed Room” or the Feng Shui of the bed, is not just about positioning a piece of furniture; it’s about creating a sanctuary that promotes restful sleep and positive energy. Let’s dive into how you can transform your bedroom into a Feng Shui-friendly haven.

Choose the Right Location for Your Bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, and its position can affect your sleep quality, health, and relationships. According to feng shui, the best location for your bed is:

  • Placed diagonally from the door, yet not directly in line with it, lies the ‘command position’. This strategic placement lets you see who enters your room, while providing distance and privacy. Furthermore, this position enhances the flow of chi (life force energy) in your room, harmonizing the space.
  • Against a solid wall, preferably with a headboard. This provides you with support and stability, and protects you from any negative energy that might come from behind you. Avoid placing your bed under a window, a sloped ceiling, a beam, or a fan, as these can create pressure, noise, or disturbance above your head.
  • Away from the bathroom door, the kitchen stove, or any other source of water or fire. These elements can create imbalance and conflict in your bedroom, and affect your health and emotions. If you cannot avoid them, you can use a screen, a curtain, or a plant to block the view and the energy.

Use Appropriate Colors and Decorations

fengshui bed room

The colors and decorations you choose for your bedroom can influence your mood, your energy, and your attraction. According to feng shui, the best colors and decorations for your bedroom are:

  • Earthy or skin tones, such as beige, brown, peach, pink, or coral. These colors foster a warm, cozy, and sensual ambiance, enhancing love and intimacy. Avoid bright, cold, or dark shades like red, blue, black, or gray, as they can be overly stimulating, depressing, or oppressive in your bedroom.
  • Soft and natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk, or wool. These fabrics are comfy, breathable, and skin-friendly, aiding relaxation and better sleep. Avoid synthetic, rough, or shiny materials like polyester, nylon, or satin, which can be irritating, staticky, or distracting in your bedroom
  • Opt for simple, meaningful accessories like photos, paintings, or sculptures that reflect your personality, interests, or aspirations.. These accessories can inspire you, motivate you, or remind you of what is important to you. Keep your bedroom free of clutter, electronics, and work-related items like books, papers

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Balance the Yin and Yang Elements

Yin and yang are the two opposite and complementary forces that make up everything in the universe, according to feng shui. Yin embodies the feminine, passive, and receptive qualities, whereas yang represents the masculine, active, and creative aspects. Balancing these yin and yang elements in your bedroom is essential, like:”

Light and darkness

Light is yang, and it stimulates your senses, your mind, and your body. Darkness, embodying yin, soothes your nerves, thoughts, and muscles. Balancing light and dark is crucial, adapting to the day’s time and activities. Use natural light, candles, or lamps for daytime brightness, while curtains, blinds, or shades create a tranquil, dark ambiance at night.

Sound and silence

Sound is yang, and it enhances your communication, your expression, and your connection. Silence is yin, and it deepens your meditation, your introspection, and your relaxation. n your bedroom, the balance of sound and silence caters to your mood and intention.

Shape and texture

Shape is yang, and it defines your space, your structure, and your direction. Texture is yin, and it adds your flavor, your touch, and your feeling. . Use square, rectangular, or angular shapes to create a stable and organized environment, and use round, oval, or curved shapes to create a flexible and harmonious environment. Use smooth, soft, or fluffy textures to create a comfortable and cozy environment, and use rough, hard, or sharp textures to create a dynamic and edgy environment.

Enhance the Romance and Passion

The bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but also a place to love. According to feng shui, you can enhance the romance and passion in your bedroom by:

Apply the fire element, such as red, pink, purple colors, candles, or lights.

The fire element represents your passion, your desire, and your excitement, and it can ignite the spark and the heat in your relationship. Use the fire element sparingly and strategically, such as on your bed sheets, pillows, or nightstand, make sure avoid using it excessively or randomly, such as on your walls, your ceiling, or your floor.

Pracice pairs of objects, such as lamps, pillows, or nightstands.

Pairs of objects symbolize partnership, equality, and balance, reinforcing the bond and harmony in your relationship. Avoid single or odd-numbered items, like one lamp, three pillows, or five nightstands, to maintain this balance.

Use symbols of love, such as hearts, roses, or birds.

Symbols of love represent your affection, your attraction, and your devotion, and they can express your feelings and your intentions in your relationship. Opt for tasteful, personal displays of love symbols in your bedroom, such as artwork or keepsakes on your wall, meaningful trinkets on your dresser, or cherished items in your jewelry box. Eschew cliché or generic symbols like teddy bears, chocolates, or balloons, which might not capture the unique essence of your relationships and personal style

Keep Your Bedroom Clean and Fresh

The final yet crucial tip for arranging your bedroom according to Feng Shui is maintaining cleanliness and freshness in your space.. This means:

  • Dust, dirt, or clutter can block the flow of chi, create stagnation, and attract negative energy in your bedroom. Clean your bedroom regularly, and get rid of anything that you don’t need, use, or love. This will create more space, more clarity, and more positivity in your bedroom.
  • Fresh air and natural light can purify, energize, and revitalize your bedroom. Open your windows, doors, or vents every day, and let the breeze and the sunshine in your bedroom. This will create more freshness, more vitality, and more joy in your bedroom.
  • Bed sheets, pillowcases, or towels can accumulate sweat, oil, or bacteria, and affect your health and well-being. Change your bed sheets, pillowcases, or towels at least once a week, and use clean, crisp, and cozy ones. This will create more hygiene, more comfort, and more satisfaction in your bedroom.

Adhering to these tips allows you to arrange your bedroom in line with Feng Shui principles, paving the way for improved sleep, better health, and enhanced relationships. Remember, your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it should reflect your personality and preferences. Make it a place where you feel happy, relaxed, and loved.


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