Your Guide to Securing an Autorización de Regreso in Barcelona

akune – Navigating the process of obtaining an Autorización de Regreso in Barcelona can be a daunting task, especially for those new to the city or Spain’s bureaucratic processes. This article aims to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to help you through each step of acquiring this essential document.

Understanding the Autorización de Regreso

Firstly, what is an Autorización de Regreso? It’s a vital document for non-EU residents in Spain, allowing them to re-enter the country while their residency renewal is in process. This document is particularly important for those who need to travel internationally during this period.

Determining Your Need for the Document

Determining whether you need an Autorización de Regreso is crucial if you’re residing in Spain, especially in Barcelona, and planning to travel outside the country. This document becomes necessary under specific circumstances, primarily related to your residency status in Spain. Here’s a straightforward breakdown to help you understand if you need this document:

  1. Residency Renewal Process: If your current residency permit (like the TIE – Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero) is in the renewal process, and you haven’t received your new card yet, you’ll need an Autorización de Regreso to travel and return to Spain without any issues.
  2. First-Time Residency Applicants: Individuals who have applied for residency in Spain for the first time and are awaiting their residency card will require this document to re-enter Spain if they travel abroad.
  3. Lost or Stolen Residency Card: If your residency card has been lost or stolen, and you’ve applied for a replacement but haven’t received it yet, an Autorización de Regreso is necessary for any international travel plans during this period.
  4. Emergency or Essential Travel: If you have an emergency or essential reason to travel out of Spain while your residency status is pending, this document is crucial for ensuring your re-entry into Spain is smooth.

In summary, the Autorización de Regreso acts as a temporary bridge for your international travel needs during times when your official residency status in Spain is in a transitional phase. It’s a safeguard ensuring that your travels don’t affect your legal status in Spain.

Step-by-Step Process: Booking an Appointment

Autorización de Regreso in Barcelona

Booking an appointment for obtaining an Autorización de Regreso in Barcelona is a critical initial step in the process. It might seem a bit tricky, but with these clear, step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to secure your appointment without too much hassle.

Access the Official Website:

The first step is to visit the official government website dedicated to booking appointments for various legal procedures, including the Autorización de Regreso.

Selecting the Right Option:

Once on the site, you need to navigate to the appropriate section. Look for options related to ‘Extranjería’ (immigration) and select the service for ‘Autorización de Regreso’.

Filling in Personal Details:

You will be prompted to fill in your personal information, such as your NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero), name, and contact details. Ensure that all information entered is accurate to avoid any complications later.

Choosing an Appointment Slot:

The system will then show you available appointment slots. These slots are often booked up quickly, so it’s advisable to regularly check the website, especially early in the morning, for new availability.

Confirmation and Documentation:

After selecting a suitable slot, confirm your appointment. The system should provide you with a confirmation number or document. It’s crucial to save this information as you’ll need it for your appointment.

Preparation for the Appointment:

Before your appointment, ensure you have all the required documents ready. This typically includes your passport, proof of your residency application or renewal, and a completed EX-13 form.

On the Day of the Appointment:

Make sure to arrive at the appointment location on time, with all the necessary documents and your appointment confirmation. Being late or missing a document can mean you have to start the process all over again.

Remember, the key to successfully booking your appointment is persistence and preparation. Appointment slots can be scarce, and the demand is usually high, so frequent checks and immediate action when a slot opens up are essential.

Gathering the Required Documents

Gathering all the required documents is a crucial step in the process of obtaining an Autorización de Regreso in Barcelona. Being well-prepared and organized with your paperwork can streamline the process and minimize any potential delays. Here’s a comprehensive list of what you’ll need:

Valid Passport:

Ensure your passport is valid for the duration of your intended travel. It’s the primary form of identification and is mandatory for any international travel and legal procedures.

Completed EX-13 Form:

This is the official application form for the Autorización de Regreso. It can be downloaded from the Spanish government’s immigration website here. Fill it out accurately, ensuring all details match those in your other documents.

Proof of Residency Application or Renewal:

You must provide evidence that your residency renewal or application is in process. This could be a receipt, an official confirmation, or any document that validates your current application status. Here

Current Residency Card (If Available):

If you still have your current residency card, even if it’s expired, bring it along. It can help in verifying your identity and residency status.

Reason for Travel (If Applicable):

If your travel is for specific reasons like work, family emergency, or health, it’s advisable to bring documentation supporting this, such as a letter from your employer or a medical appointment confirmation.

Photocopies of All Documents:

Besides the original documents, bring photocopies of each. This includes your passport, the application form, residency renewal receipts, and any other relevant paperwork.

Appointment Confirmation:

Don’t forget to bring the confirmation of your appointment. This could be a printout or a digital copy, depending on what the appointment system provided when you booked your slot.

Organizing these documents in a clear and accessible manner can help make your appointment go smoothly. Double-check everything before your appointment to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork.

Navigating the Appointment Day

On the day of your appointment, ensure you arrive early with all the necessary documents. Be prepared to answer any questions about your travel plans and residency status.

Paying the Autorización de Regreso Fee

There is a small fee associated with the Autorización de Regreso. Payments can usually be made at the appointment or at designated banks.

Receiving Your Autorización de Regreso

Upon successful completion of your appointment and payment, you’ll receive the Autorización de Regreso, typically valid for 90 days or until your residency card is renewed.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

  • Double-check all documents before your appointment.
  • Arrive early and be prepared for possible delays.
  • Be patient and courteous with the staff.

Conclusion: Travel with Peace of Mind

With your Autorización de Regreso in hand, you can travel out of Spain with the assurance of being able to return smoothly. This guide aims to make the process as clear and straightforward as possible.

FAQs: Autorización de Regreso in Barcelona

  1. What is an Autorización de Regreso? It’s a document that allows non-EU residents in Spain to re-enter the country while their residency renewal is pending.
  2. How do I book an appointment for it? Appointments can be booked online through the Spanish government’s official website.
  3. What documents do I need for the appointment? You need a valid passport, the completed EX-13 form, proof of residency renewal application, and a travel reason if applicable.
  4. Is there a fee for the Autorización de Regreso? Yes, there’s a small fee which can be paid at the appointment or designated banks.
  5. How long is the Autorización de Regreso valid? It’s typically valid for 90 days or until your residency card is renewed.


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